Dan Case is a rare combination talent – the heart of a storyteller, the sensibilities and taste of an award-winning designer, and the mind of a brilliant strategist. He creates highly compelling and effective campaigns, and he improves every brand he touches.
— Jon Lee, Brand Management Principal at The Richards Group

Amazing to work with! He understands the digital process and cares about all the visuals. He is very flexible with his designs and a joy to be around.
— Rebecca Snyder, Designer/ Developer at R&R Parters

Lock this guy in a closet for 3 days. Open it back up and you’ll have a modern, spacious living room with a walk out patio that overlooks an ocean that doesn’t exist yet.

I’ve seen this before, but never more so than Dan. He will take your crappiest assignment and turn it into something that everyone is trying to get their name on. And he will take your best assignments and make sure that everyone wants to keep their names on it.
— James Embry, ACD Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Daniel Case is everything you’d want in a great creative. He brings his unique voice to every concept and design. He’s collaborative, works hard, pushes ideas and fosters his creativity by constantly seeking out new inspirations.
On top of all that he’s just a swell guy to be around.
— Andrea Floren, Designer, Illustrator & Art Director at Quietly Fiery

If you’ve seen Dan’s portfolio, you don’t need to read my recommendation to know he’s groundbreakingly talented.

If you’ve met Dan in person, you don’t need to read my recommendation to know he’s one of the nicest people in advertising.

If you haven’t seen Dan’s portfolio or met him in person, you really should. Especially if you’re hiring. Because you, friend, will have found exactly who you’re looking for.
— Greg Christensen, Brand Creative at The Richards Group

Dan is passionate about all things design related (typography, graphic design, furniture, architecture, and design-thinking). He would be an ideal candidate for a design oriented Art Director position at any creative shop. He is a hybrid of all things visual. Plus, he’s also a very nice guy.
— Richard Fisher, Associate Creative Director at David & Goliath

This guy: Dan is a joy to work with. He’s always encouraging, and his taste level is paramount (that’s right, I said “paramount.”) This dude is everything anyone would want in a creative director and/or designer. What sets Dan apart is his ability to strip down a design or idea into the most impactful attribute. Dan and I both come from the school of thought that art directors are always better when they can 1. draw and 2. design. Dan does both.
— Brian Thibodeau, ACD, Freelance

Dan gets it. His design chops - second to none. He gets his hands dirty on every assignment and turns them into pure platinum. Not only he’s intelligent but very humble. I highly recommend him.
— Choong Lee, AD, The Richards Group